Tofo: Capulana Lady

Marta Li
2 min readMar 17, 2021

I recently talked about the party that my next-door neighbours hosted a few years back. And how the womens’ headdresses inspired me to create a set of bright and colourful illustrations. This is one of them.

Its first version is actually made in fully digital form. But I did want to create it using real life materials. I believe that an actual paint or drawing has more character than digital ones (I don’t want to bring that kind of work down, as I love to create digital artwork as well, and it takes time and requires skills) but there is something about the paper texture, the colours and imperfections. Its like reading a digital book or actually grabbing a printed book from a shelf.

The patterns are my favourite and there were a couple of other details and colours that I changed. I applied a hand free design pattern to the background to create more appeal and depth. The materials used are markers, gouache and acrylic paints as well as watercolor. I love the brightness and contrast, the floral details, and in particular how the white orchids turned out.